Follow Anna through feelings of isolation, anger, numbness and acceptance in our virtual reality experience


You’re trapped in your apartment. Everyday you wake up and try to live a normal life, but the signs of something missing are right there, haunting your feeble mind. Your home is your prison. Doors close on you when you try to escape. The phone keeps ringing even when you try to answer it.

Is the apartment working against your best efforts to keep you isolated, angry, numb.. or is it your mind?

In ANNA the story is experienced only through user interactions with the environment as “story-living”. Here, the environment responds to you and your attention. It lures you in, it shuts you off.

ANNA was a result of the class “2.S972 Making Virtual Reality and Immersive Experiences” at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
November 2020

Valdemar M. Danry, Luciano Casamajor, Mateo Larrea Ferro, Liana Bishop, Rebecca Slater.

Virtual Reality, Immersive Media, Experimental Storytelling.

Writer, Art Lead Designer, 3D-artist, Programmer.

Unity, Maya, C#, Illustrator, Spacial Audio, Storytelling Methods.

The Room changes atmosphere throughout the story from Isolation to Anger, Numbness and Acceptance.